La Tortuga Feliz | Student Concept


Using traditional media and social platforms, we created a campaign to attract more volunteers to the La Tortuga Feliz turtle conservation program. We used interactivity to leverage our audiences curiosity and personalize environmental issues and redesigned La Tortuga Feliz's logo and branding materials. 


Print  / Travel magazine ads direct potential volunteers to the La Tortuga Feliz website.


When you look inside...


Poster  /  Looking inside our 3D turtle egg posters makes animal extinction a personal issue.  


Snapchat  /  The La Tortuga Feliz snapchat story allows prospective and past volunteers to continue their involvement by sharing what the conservation program is currently working on. 


Art Director/Designer: Carolyn Cruze

Copywriter: Molly Hover

Strategy: Sarah Gordon & Jocelyn Parker