Establish SOREL footwear as a high fashion, year-round brand for women.


Packaging // Limited edition display boxes set SOREL apart from other brands.


Invitations // Women that purchase the limited edition SOREL boots enter a code online to see if they won a trip to an exclusive event. Using RFID technology, the SOREL boots become the winner's ticket to the event. 


Social // Influential fashion bloggers are also invited to the event through Instagram promotions.


Event // Winners enter a glass room with the instructions to, "go anywhere." Once they step on the marked footprints, the glass around them shatters revealing three hallways that lead to different themed parties. Fashion bloggers will also be fitted with SOREL boots so they too can go anywhere.  


Art Director/Copywriter: Carolyn Cruze

Account Manager: Sarah Lucia

Media Planner/Videographer: Daniel Hespen

Strategist: Karli Altman, Caitlyn Crosby

Art Director/Deck Designer: Allison Waldbeser