The Portland Workshop is a four day event where students from the UO SOJC work in teams with nationally renowned videographers to develop their skills. Sponsored by the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication and the Center for Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement.

Objective: Tell a story about how supportive communities are built in Portland.

Insight: The key to building supportive communities is understanding that people are people, despite their circumstances. With an estimated homeless population of 4,000 people, our team wanted to address this issue and show the positive efforts of volunteers.

Solution: Highlight one of Portland's weekly volunteer programs called "Night Strike." Night Strike embodied our mission by effectively communicating a message of equality and compassion. This is their story. 

Coach: Rick Gershon

Producer: Madeleine Stone

Assistance Director: Carolyn Cruze

Videographers: Matt Leslie & Derek Brown