HyperCompression Apparel | Student Concept


Nike came to us asking for clarity in their compression line and a reason why customers should by their product over the all others. Our research showed that athletes that are willing to purchase HyperCompression are committed to success. They treat their compression wear as their second skin.

Using this strategy, we developed a new review system for Nike's compression line that incorporated physical attributes to allow potential customers more information about Nike's line. Our clothing tag also featured a breakdown of what each line of compression wear did in comparison to the other options.


Video / Focusing on multi-sport athletes, our video demonstrates the wide variety of activities for which HyperCompression can be worn.


Website Redesign / In-depth reviews that highlight specific product characteristics (concept implemented by Nike). 


Product Tag / Icons detail the purpose of each compression garment.

In collaboration with Jake Mehringer, Lina Rode, Josh Carnahan, and Hales Morris